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  • BMW M3 CorsaMe3
  • BMW M3 CorsaMe3
  • BMW M3 CorsaMe3
  • BMW M3 CorsaMe3
  • BMW M3 CorsaMe3
Vehicle OverviewFeatures & OptionsTIP!

Corsa Gray, Dark Blue Metallic and Black 2-Door Coupe Race Car, Sweep Racing Tires, Factory Engine Sound (Factory Jury Rigged Into Roof), Foam Front Bumper and Small Rear Bumper.

This Corsa Gray race day icy import benefits from the following attention: luxurious paint coats to produce a deep tone-changing blue/gray, dark metallic blue, and black livery with white accents, 21T-Pinion + 50T-Spur, sports car sound, racing suspension, stylish black rims, racing hubs and steel belted tires.

Meet “CorsaMe3” (AKA: Race Daddy):

Traxxas Slash 4X4 w/TSM w/OBA
Sweep Racing Rims/Tires (40245014)
Adjustable Body Mounts F/R
Adjustable Suspension

Brief Key Theme Elements & Project Overview:

Corsa Gray(PS-32)
Dark Metallic Blue (PS-59)
Black (PS-5)
White (PS-1)
BMW M3 Race Themed Badging


At the heart of each model, this is what you’ll find when you lift the hood and kick the tires.

Summary Of This Radio Controlled Truck/Car Platform

Quite possibly the toughest and most durable RC car ever built. Upgrades well, and plenty of options for performance upgrades. As another sports car build, it required adjustable mounts. This Delta Plastik USA gem is well-shaped to resemble an M3 and quite durable too. As my second M3 I really wanted it to be similar yet different, since I like’a me some race cars!  It is an ever-changing color based on the amount of direct sunlight – get your race gray on!


Engine Type Velineon (Traxxas)
Fuel Capacity 2S or 3S
Drivetrain 4WD


Tires Type Sweep Racing
Rim Size 2.8″
Rims Black Racing Spokes
Hub Aftermarket Performance

Don’t get hamstrung using your favorite colors over and over.  Instead, take a favorite from one project, and use it in the next with a few new colors.  Before you know it, you’ll know how different types of paints with expected outcomes on the first try (ie: metallic, gloss, iridescent, etc.).  Go slow with your initial 3 coats, and use a DUSTLESS hairdryer for longer than usual.

$2,695 MSRP: $221,000

Included Taxes & Checkup


Corsa Gray


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