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Cliffhanger Cobra Sly

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  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
  • Cliffhanger Cobra Sly
Vehicle OverviewFeatures & OptionsTIP!

2-Tone Sliver and Black with Red Pinstripped 2-Door Pickup, Traxxas Dirt Tires, Aftermarket Engine Sound, Stock Front Bumper and Stock Rear Bumper.

This sly snake enjoys the following attention: luxurious paint coats to produce a tasteful color scheme that’s equal parts tough and sweet, 13T-Pinion + 51T-Spur, stylish black rims, juicy all-terrain tires, truck sound, stock suspension.

Meet “Cobra Sly” (AKA: Crawl Daddy):

Traxxas Slash 4X4 w/TSM w/OBA
Traxxas Dirt Tires (00000-00)
Adjustable Body Mounts F/CustomBody Mounts R
Stock Suspension
Cliffhanger Concept

Brief Key Theme Elements & Project Overview:

Sliver (PS-12)
Black (PS-5)
Red (PS-2)
2013 RAM 1500 Themed Badging


At the heart of each model, this is what you’ll find when you lift the hood and kick the tires.

Summary of This Radio Controlled Truck/Car Platform

Quite possibly the toughest and most durable RC car ever built. Upgrades well, and plenty of options for performance upgrades. As another custom truck build, it required adjustable mounts in the front and the rear. This is a Proline crawler body that I adapted to the Slash for high-speed off-road racing. It work pretty great if I do say so myself! It doesn’t parachute AT ALL. This body is so fast off-road that it doesn’t even feel like I’m going fast anymore… crazy!


Engine Type Velineon (Traxxas)
Fuel Capacity 2S or 3S
Drivetrain 4WD


Tires Type Traxxas Dirt Tires
Rim Size 2.2″
Rims Black Wheel Spokes
Hub Stock

After all of the trouble mounting this sucker, it just seemed like I should put a little more into the design than I initially intended. That happens – changing our mind is a smart thing to do. Once you put the effort into something, and you start to see it come to life, you may want to do something different. Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan during a project.

$2,595 MSRP: $104,000

Included Taxes & Checkup




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