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Brilliant Blue with 2-Tone Red and Black Stripe, 2-Door Coupe Race Car, Sweep Racing tires, Aftermarket Engine Sound, Foam Front Bumper and Small Rear Bumper.

This blue American bullet of white knuckle fun benefits from the following attention: luxurious paint coats to produce a racing tri-color paint scheme, authentic race car look, 21T-Pinion + 50T-Spur, sports car sound, racing suspension, stylish black rims, racing hubs and steel belted tires.

Meet “Mastang Sally” (AKA: Mustangin’ Me Cray Cray):

Traxxas Slash 4X4 w/TSM w/OBA
Sweep Racing Rims/Tires (40245014)
Adjustable Body Mounts F/R
Adjustable Suspension

Brief Key Theme Elements & Project Overview:

Brilliant Blue (PS-30)
Bright Mica Red (PS-60)
Black (PS-5)
Ford Mustang Themed Badging


At the heart of each model, this is what you’ll find when you lift the hood and kick the tires.

Summary of This Radio Controlled Truck/Car Platform

Quite possibly the toughest most durable RC car ever built. Upgrades well, and plenty of options for performance upgrades. As another sports car build it required adjustable mounts. This Delta Plastik USA gem is well-shaped to resemble a great looking Ford Mustang Cobra! I personally challenged myself with this one, as it was created closer to the end of this journey. I wanted a favorite color of mine, but not just any stripes for this awesome Mustang (typically ‘Stangs are cliche, but the super-ones are pretty much super-looking and silly fast – my kind of edition). I wanted a memorable stripe and equally memorable color combo. Red, black and blue is what Mustang Sally will leave if not careful playing with her. Go slow when making a Sally like this steed, or you’ll mess her up bad. You need many victories on the prep and paint before getting to the final victory – blow it at any point – and she ain’t no steed! Got it!?


Engine Type Velineon (Traxxas)
Fuel Capacity 2S or 3S
Drivetrain 4WD


Tires Type Sweep Racing
Rim Size 2.8″
Rims Black Racing Spokes
Hub Aftermarket Performance

Tapes. Ooooooo… tapes. Choices of masking tape can drive you crazy. Frog tape turns out to be the best when you want to go as fast as humanly possible in the paint phase (going slow is what you should do, unless you’re testing like I was to see what is and isn’t possible, and take the not possible, alter environmental conditions and make it possible! That was my core fun – the scientific challenge of noticing the obivous as I progressed through a variety of ways to produce a car body. In the beginning I did what was obvious, in the end I have become a collection of failures to avoid my previous mistakes. If success accompanied that – welll than thank you very much! But if it didn’t, my success was putting the 50 hours into this thing to have it turn out in a way my eyes love. -xo to fellow blue stallions such as myself.

$2,795 MSRP: $115,000

Included Taxes & Checkup




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