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Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit

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  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
  • Slash 4×4 Blue Bandit
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Blue on Black, 2-Door Stadium Truck, Proline Trenchers, Factory Engine Sound, High Impact: Front, Side and Rear Bumpers, Customer Stickers.

This blue freak benefits from the following attention: perfect blue racing scheme, specially cut fenders to fit larger tires, and all else is absolute stock from the factory.

Meet “Blue Bandit” (AKA: Doc Banditto):

Traxxas Slash 4X4 w/TSM w/OBA
Proline Trencher Dirt Tires (1170-12)
Stock Body Mounts
Stock Suspension
Traxxas Stock Body

Brief Key Theme Elements & Project Overview:

Factory Blue on Black
Traxxas Themed Badging


At the heart of each model, this is what you’ll find when you lift the hood and kick the tires.

Summary Of This Radio Controlled Truck/Car Platform

Quite possibly the toughest and most durable RC car ever built. Upgrades well, and plenty of options for performance upgrades that don’t cost much, and stock repairs are super-affordable (key to my choice for an Ultimate RC Edition – what’s the best combo of everything for ~$420). As another URCG Edition Rebuild where the stock mounts were maintained, and fenders cut to fit massive tires under it. RCRobbie insists you take your vehicle’s shoe style seriously! ;p


Engine Type Velineon (Traxxas)
Fuel Capacity 2S or 3S
Drivetrain 4WD


Tires Type Dirt
Rim Size 2.8″
Rims Black Spokes
Hub Stock

2S will let you mash the throttle, but a 3S will cause this truck to go so fast it will parachue (ie: fly up into the air like a plane on takeoff!). It’s extremely durable, but when you upgrade key frame components be careful – it may break where metal new meets stock plastic old. Stock is easy and cheap to repair.

$995 MSRP: $625

Included Taxes & Checkup


Slash 4x4


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